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KlaroCPQ Open Source based Sales Solutions can be acquired in following service packages:


Klaro CPQ Klaro Advanced CPQ Klaro Enterprise CPQ
Features Configuration Configuration Plus Sizing
Pricing Pricing Configuration
Quoting Quoting Pricing
Install base
Implamentation Subscribe Sprint with Us Implementation project
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Pricing Monthly Fee Monthly Fee + Monthly Fee +
Implementation Fee Implementation Project



Sizing: With our Sizing solution selling firm can find best solution for its client. User investigates client requirements and Sizing tool finds matching solution for this need.

Configuration: Our Configuration solution user can pick right products and solutions for its client. Pick can be automatized if user have Sizing solution in use. Configuration Plus solution includes very complex product configuration automatisation according to defined end client needs.

Pricing: Our Pricing solution enable price selection for products and services. Price in any currency.  Pricing can blend automated if user has configuration tool in use. Pricing solution can be integrated with other solutions to get pricing masterdata. Use multi currency in global business.

Quoting: Quoting management solutions enables user to create quotes effficiently in orderly manner. User will get all the necessary details on terms & conditions and technical solutions to client with its company brand materials. Quote globally with different languages.

Install Base: Our Install base solution user can maintain its client installed product through product life cycle. Utilize information for additional sales or as reference tool for delivered solutions.

Analytics: Analytics solutions enables to get complete pictures on detailed quote information. Do exact analysis on quoted, won & lost solutions. Lead for sales with more precise information and use your analytics to build winning and more value adding solutions.

Interfaces: Klaro solutions can be integrated with other business appications. Import Customer data and export product information on sold solutions to ERP or purchasing system. Manage users efficiently with Single Sign-On -solution and save documents to corporate document management system.

Workflows: Workflows solution enables user to build sales process to match their organisation roles and responsibilities. Use this solution to collaborate with Sales Partners and Resellers. Lead your sales to sell most value adding solutions.



All solutions can be acquired by implementation project fitted for client specific need. All solutions are served with monthly subscription service.

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