6 perspectives on digitalizing B2B sales

sales digitalisation

The digitization of B2B sales is the trend word of today and not just because of the corona epidemic.

Purchasing behavior continues to change, and B2B customers also want to buy and take their buying steps digitally through an online service. Already 50% of B2B buyers belong to the internet generation, which is used to doing business in online services and buying from e-stores throughout their life.

We have written a lot about B2B sales, its transformation and possible solutions in our blog “News from the world of digital sales”. Our blog is especially worth checking out with following articles:


After reading these articles, you will better understand how B2B buying behavior is transforming and how you can respond to a change in sales through digitization.


The change in B2B buying is the opportunity for Sales – 6 different perspectives to consider when digitizing sales

Buyers’ demands for extensive self-service and digital channels create many new opportunities for sales. The B2B sales process can be developed so that it serves the customer better and at the same time enables the company to sell more productively. Data related to the customer’s purchasing behavior and need can be utilized in a new way with the help of digital tools. With digitalized processes it is easier for a to make quality offers with more efficient use of time.

The following summary summarizes the different perspectives and benefits which company can gain from the digitization of sales processes:


  1. Truly multi-channel services to the customer

The customer wants to get in touch with the vendor when the customer wants it and through different channels. Communication can not be any more  depended to phone and appointments. It is also easier to share information about the contents of customer contact through a digital channel. The customer can also be offered self-service with high quality information content, and the customer can be more easily guided forward in their purchasing process in a digital channel.

  1. Data utilization is improved

The quality of customer data on customer contacts and the customer company are improved when it is collected uniformly through a digital channel in one unified database. You will gather information about customer needs into the system and utilize this information on the needs effectively. You will also be able to collect data on customer buying behavior.


  1. Managed sales process increases productivity

Managed sales process is a consistent and planned way to operate sales throughout the organization. Digital sales tools should be smooth and efficient in a way that allows the salesperson to focus directly on customer work. Sales management is also made easier when all information related to sales is in one place and can be analyzed more extensively.


  1. Solution lifecycle management is improved with data

A solution created with a digital tool can be transferred with consistent information content from sales to delivery and from delivery to lifecycle services. The sales and delivery of additional solutions and services will also be supported improved way when more high-quality information is available.


  1. The sales work is made easier

Salesperson gets the focus on dealing with the customer when the salespersons time is not spent on unnecessary information acquisition and processing. The collection of customer requirement information can be systematized into a precise process and thus a perfectly suitable solution proposal can be built for the customer. Pricing solutions is easier once pricing rules are defined and quote document management is more efficient with a specialized tool.


  1. Broader support is provided for sales partners

It is easier and cheaper for resellers to get support for additional information on product features and marketing. Reseller quotes are placed in the same database, which increases the visibility of the resellers operations.


There are certainly other perspectives and benefits as well. Book an appointment and we can discuss the matter further together.

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