KlaroCPQ is a success story for long-time development

We have started the KlaroCPQ development work 2004 and renewed it ever since.

KlaroCPQ Purpose

With KlaroCPQ software, you increase the efficiency of industrial sales. With the support of KlaroCPQ, you will better understand your customer’s needs, make a solution proposal easily and create a quality offer to win the deal. With our applications, you increase the time spent on bidding by up to 80% and free up sales to work with the customer.


Quality is our competitive advantage

With our applications, the company improves its competitiveness as well as its quality. The same principle guides our actions. We want to be the most competitive and high-quality CPQ solution on the market, which meets the sales challenges of the industry in particular. Our customers are are very satisfied with our ability to serve them in demanding technical sales.

KlaroCPQ is a truly Finnish-based open source CPQ software.

The development of our product has already started in 2004, when we started working on the sales of Finnish industry.


KlaroCPQ Story

Our story started back in 2004 after our client Outotec had a big amount of sales leads, but no tools to convert these leads to winning bids. To help their sales to win, soon our client realized that they wanted a tool measure their client needs. And they came up with an idea of having configurator tool for sales people.

As a result our solution was developed. With our solution Outotec sales could measure their client needs quantified and create matching solution from their product portfolio with our solution.


KlaroCPQ Today

KlaroCPQ was created by a skilled and experienced team of software developers at Klaro Technology in Finland. The team has been developing KlaroCPQ since 2004 in collaboration with Outotec, our largest client. Klaro Technology is part of TX.company.

Several stages of development have resulted in the latest, 5th generation version of the tool. New development work enables KlaroCPQ -solution to be delivered as Open Source based SaaS.


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KlaroCPQ sales configurator improves quoting process and boosts sales


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