8 Klaro tips for B2B sales digitalisation

Digitalizing sales

2/3 of industrial companies are currently considering the digitalisation in their sales processes. In this paper, we highlight 8 tips for industrial companies to consider when digitalizing B2B sales. The tips in the article highlight perspectives on the actions that industrial companies are currently considering when developing their sales to meet today’s client needs. These tips take into account both the customer perspective and the company’s own sales processes.


1. Online shop is not enough to serve modern B2B buyer

The customer wants to have high quality support for purchasing directly from the company’s online service, and a traditional catalog-like online store alone cannot adequately meet this requirement and support digital B2B purchasing.

TIP: Think about how the customer will find the best solution for themselves, and how the customer can promote itself buying procedures.

2. Chatbot is not enough to communicate with a client

The customer wants easy communication with the sales for their information needs. The situation that there are separate detached communication channels without integration into the rest of the services only produces a confusing and incomplete service for the customer while looking at the service process from the customer’s perspective.

TIP: Think about how you get all customer communication into one place so that both the customer and  all the employees who deal with the customer get the information they need.

3.Digital tools cannot be separated from the company’s sales process

Digital tools need to serve the customer and the sales organization in a unified and seamless process. Applications need to fit seamlessly into the company’s business processes and architecture.

TIP: The company’s digital services must be integrated into the entire customer service process, from sales to lifecycle services. Therefore contribute to the fact that digitalisation is a key part of the business strategy and its implementation. Think about how to connect CRM, marketing automation, communications, sales solutions, customer service applications, and ERP.

4. Multi-channel sales enable new ways to trade

New technologies and applications enable a new kind of contact in the sales process and its phasing.

TIP: Consider how new ways of obtaining information and the information gathered based on these means can change the sales process.


5. With the economies of scale of digital sales, you get new profitable customers

The cheaper and more efficiently the sales and marketing actions can be implemented at the target level, the more customers the company can target.

TIP: Think about which customers you want with the service, and what these different customer segments value in sales and customer service. Build services suitable for different customer segments using scalable digital solutions.


6. Leverage customer data in a new way in sales

Data on customer needs and purchasing behavior can be collected in a completely new way with the help of new technologies and applications.

TIP: Think about what information you want to gather from customer and how you want to leverage it in the sales process, especially so that you best serve the customer in their buying process.


7. Leverage the data contained in sales processes to drive sales

A new kind of data about the sales process and the customer enables the production of a new kind of information. This information can well be used for higher quality information-based management.

TIP: Think about what data you need for better information-based management. Build data collection accordingly, however, so that at the same time it primarily serves the customer in the purchasing process.


8. With digital sales tools, company gets many benefits for international business

Businesses have many opportunities to benefit from new sales processes and tools to support international sales as the company and its services become more accessible. The company is also able to serve new customers with new digital tools. The potential market can grow multiple times through digital sales channels.

TIP: Consider if your company has a market that it may not have been able to target in the past due to required resources or actions. Explore how you could serve better this audience with digital tools. Think about how you can build a multi-channel sales process for your international business..

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