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Digitalize your solution sales processes with Klaro
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Create more quotes with digital sales tool


Digitalize your sales processes with Klaro CPQ -solution!

Sales digitalization is easy with Klaro’s intelligent sales process tools.

KlaroCPQ is a sales tool allowing your sales personnel to create complex quotes faster,

in better quality and with increased profit!

Now it is time to update sales quotation tools and move to 2020s in sales work!

KlaroCPQ can boost the efficiency of your quoting process by up to 80%,

-freeing up sales valuable time for other work!


Klaro is a sales tech company helping you to digitalize your sales processes and win more deals. Our focus is to provide world-class software for quotation process. We want to make sure that you have all the digital capabilities to win deals.

We have started in 2004. Since then have created KlaroCPQ, which is a sales tool allowing your sales personnel to create complex quotes faster, in better quality with increased profit!

Our customers want to create solutions for its clients according to a specific need with world-class sales tools.

We help our clients to speed up their sales processes, make their work more efficient and create deals with improved price and margin. Klaro’s aim is to provide easy-to-use and modern tools for its clients.

According to our client feedback clients need in their work tool that are easy to and intelligent in use.

Sales people want that digital tools automate routine work. Sales people desire to automate burdensome information gathering. Sales   priority is to concentrate on client and winning the bids. Sales organizations are keen to have a digital sales tool which helps in deciding the correct solution for client need.

Digital quoting tool, a CPQ, can include a sales process which ensures that quotes contain items that are part of company’s offering. With KlaroCPQ you can create a sales process that manages sales people to pick all the necessary products and services as part of the solution quote.

Number of quotes done correlates with number of quotes won!

With a digital sales tool, CPQ -solution, you can make more bids in same time span. Sales want to have a tool that makes quoting easy, fast and enables to create right content in quote for client need.

KlaroCPQ makes sales process 80% more effective. With KlaroCPQ bids can be made faster and with less errors. Products and services are always sold with right price.

Implementing a digital sales tool for quotation sales organization can free more time to clients and business development. Client experience improves when client is getting uniform quotes with company brand materials.

Sales leads KlaroCPQ enables realtime data on sales management. Sales leadership can analyse quote date, case wins percentage and this way get valuable information on company offering and its competitiveness.

Digital sales tools provide a lot of benefits – take them use with Klaro

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More agile quoting with the right tools

Would you like to give your current quoting process a boost and move to the next level in mass customization in record time? KlaroCPQ offers multiple benefits:

  • Up to 80% more streamlined quoting process
  • Improved quote management
  • Less manual mistakes
  • Better pricing accuracy
  • More uniform quotes

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A more efficient quote process for changing business needs

Changes within your business may offer a good opportunity for switching to more streamlined, efficient systems. KlaroCPQ’s benefits include e.g.

  • Simpler system investments
  • Less system changeover headaches
  • User-friendly interface between ERP and CRM
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of the quote process
  • Ability to respond to quote requests up to 2 weeks before the competition

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