Solution life-cycle management starts with sales

Your business can have thousands or even millions of sales articles. In such a mass of alternatives, how do you find the best solution for your customer for the solution lifecycle?

There are certainly many solutions to solve life-cycle management problems. Klaro sees that solving the problem starts with sales, which in quotation process defines the solution the customer needs.

Never before the handling of data mass in offering management and quotation processes been as easy as it is now.

Modern data-driven sales systems enable you to find the right solution (Configuration) and then the automated sales process (Pricing & Quoting).

At best, you get your customers to tell the system what their needs are, and so you get a significant value add for the sales by getting your customer’s needs well-defined. You can even use test tools (Sizing), which automatically scale the customer’s needs.

Comparing this measurement information against possible solutions, an automated tool can easily find the right solution for the customer. The modern sales configurator will automatically suggest the best solutions for your needs.

By understanding your client needs and using your business information agile way, you can find the right solution at the right sales price. At the same time the salesperson at the customer interface define markets needs more presicely and helps to increase the company’s competitiveness.

Using modern digital sales tools
  • give you time to understand your customer’s needs and thus improve your business
  • you can easily find the best solution for your customer needs from our extensive product portfolio
  • you can truly focus on the customer and serve the customer
  • you will create a winning offer with higher returns and customer satisfaction

Solution lifecycle management into higher level

After the transaction, of course, the solution must be delivered to the customer. With our Klaro solutions, you can control the configuration of your solution from sales to delivery and lifecycle services.

Klaro can provide a solution that captures product information throughout the lifecycle of the solution. This adds significant value to the solution throughout its lifecycle. The solution owner will be able to optimize the solution configuration and associated lifecycle services to better meet the needs of the device owner. The product has a better resale value, knowledge of its actual usage and estimate usage, and a more accurate remaining life.

Better product information management can also verify the condition and quality of product components. Greater ability to manage product information throughout the lifecycle of a solution brings significant added value to the selling company itself, thus increasing the company’s competitiveness.

By improvement the content management of your solution, you can get a better sales price and margin because your solution can bring more value to the buyer.

We can provide you with our applications:
  • integrated overall system for offering management
  • real-time data processing
  • system that serves the end user easily and simply

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