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Use the Sales Configurator to bring your product information to a customer-friendly format!

With new digital sales tools, sales team can easily work with information that is relevant for to both salesperson and customers. The idea behind CPQ, the sales configurator, is to guide the seller in finding the right solution for the customer.

When a salesperson determines the information for a customer’s needs, sales can be easily accomplished by utilizing the product offering database provided by CPQ. Product information is presented in the sales configurator so that it is easy for the salesperson to present it to the customer in an understandable way.

Sales configuration process and tool enable customer to understand with sufficient precision what kind of solution the customer is buying. Quotation information about the solution and its technical content is in a form which the customer is able to make a purchase decision.

CPQ Sales Configurator is a necessary digital tool for the B2B solution sales today.

How does the sales configurator help the salesperson to make the right choice out of the big mass of data?

The sales configurator parses the information for the salesperson according to client needs.
It is up to the sales to find the best solution for the customer in their product portfolio. Salesperson chooses the solution with the information requested from the customer. This ensures the customer the right solution for their needs.

So, the salesperson does not have to look for the right solution out of a big data mass, but the CPQ sales configuration tool chooses the right solution for the seller based on the information provided by the salesperson to the system.

The data can be entered into the CPQ system either by the user (salesperson or customer) or across different interfaces, utilizing, for example, data generated by test equipment. This is one way how the best solution can be tailored to the customer’s data.

KlaroCPQ’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for the seller to choose the right solution. This is what we have been doing since 2004.

Productization – a hot topic for modern company

What if the productization of the solutions being sold is still in progress?

Businesses want to productise their range of solutions. Productive modular solutions give it operational efficiency and speed up both sales and production processes. Productisation also provides certainty about correct sales prices and sufficient profitability. Productization earns pure money for the company.

For many companies, product information is inadequately in systems if it is precisely defined at all.

One option for the companies is to gather information about the products being offered in quotes by adding these solutions to the sales configurator as it is offered to customers. This way sales can define offering portfolio and productization work can begin.

Thus, by acquiring a sales configurator, a company can also take over the productisation process. With the KlaroCPQ sales configurator, you can easily access product information and use it for your business, both in sales and production!

Let’s make offering management easier for sales and simultaneously productize your offering! We bet this will make you more deals and improve your margins. 

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