Digital B2B Sales – Klaro Tips for Solution Sales in 2020

Digital sales is not just today only the consumer e-commerce. Consumer style purchasing has long been coming to B2B solution sales, and is now making a breakthrough in business markets.

Business buyers are now also looking for information about products and suppliers online in the B2B e-stores and are making digital purchases of B2B solutions online. More and more companies are making the majority of their purchases online. Corporate buyers also seek information like consumers do about the products sold and the companies selling them online.

More and more buyers have already made a mental purchase decision before contacting potential suppliers. Some buyers already have predefined suppliers for the solution, at least at consideration level, before contacting the companies supplying the solution.

You are for sure recognizing yourself doing this?

Consumer style B2B solution purchasing is here to stay.

Today, the digital image of business is a actual brand image for the company. Nowadays, websites alone are not enough. Businesses need to be able to tell their customers more about their solutions and their features. The technical information and delivery terms offered by the companies are always of interest to the buyer. If your business website doesn’t have this information, then your competitor’s website has it. Publishing this information to your customers creates a significant competitive advantage for your business as a supplier.

By providing an easy-to-use, visual and intelligent digital sales portal, the company gives an innovative look and feel of easiness for collaboration.

One of the key aspects while making a sale is lowering the buying threshold. Digital services are one of the key ways to make buying easy. The challenge is often the complexity of the solutions and the large number of alternatives. By making an Intelligent Sales Portal Configurator, the customer can get the information they need and automatically find the right solution to their problems from a wide range of company solutions.

Many are worried about competitors’ spying on their websites. All companies will surely visit each other’s websites and learn about competitors’ solutions. I bet you are doing this too.

There are easy ways to manage this problem of “spying”.  For example, a potential customer may be required to sign in with an email and / or phone number. This contact information can be supervised. This type of identification makes sense if the company feels it is sharing information that gives it a competitive edge. With technical solutions, you manage your data sharing efficiently and reliably. So don’t worry, you can share exactly the information you want with whomever you want.

Klaro tips for digital solution sales for the 2020s

  • Provide the buyer an easy way to find the different solution options provided by your business. It’s a good idea to create a digital sales portal where you can create an easy-to-use catalog of what you have to offer, as well as a description of the delivery terms.
  • Automate tricky customer information gathering – With the digital process, you only collect information from the buyer. Collect information in a way that is sure to boost your business. This is certainly not a substitute for interpersonal discussion, but systematises and enhances data intelligence.
  • Make product selection easy for the customer. The digital tool allows the customer to easily compare possible solutions and their contents. Client can do easily benchmarking if you bring powerful assessment tools to the customer. The customer will certainly be more satisfied when the automation produces comparative information on the solution options.

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