It’s time to you to upgrade quoting tools and move into the 2020s in sales!

Digital solutions for different processes have been of particular interest of many in recent days and for a reason.

Digitization does not solve all the problems of the company or eliminate the need for human contact. However, in the right place, digital solutions bring significant value add and can be a crucial factor in creating opportunities for success.

Digital tools support people greatly at work in simple repetitive activities and help them do more demanding tasks. Smarter the tool is, easier it is for people to do these more demanding tasks. To find what kind of tools people need, best idea is to start with the users who can tell how digital tools can help them.

Sales is one key areas where even small additional factors can bring the necessary competitive advantage to beat the competitors. There is usually one winner and several losers in sales competition. At that point every single factor can be decisive in winning the sales case. Selling is like a professional sports where winners usually turn every small stone on the way to victory. Right offering and focus is certainly the most important factors in winning. Even a small amount of friction in processes can distract just that focus on the right things and consume valuable resources.

What kind of digital tools do sales people need?

The feedback received by our customers to Klaro highlights:

  • Assisted solution creation
  • Automated data collection on client needs
  • Data input processes that assure high quality of solution content

Meeting these needs will speed up sales and reduce unnecessary errors.

The number of quotes done correlates with the number of sales cases won. With digital sales tools, you make more quotes at the same time, without sacrificing quality.

Quoting will take you your sales case forward towards deal making. It concretizes the opportunity for trading and tests the offering competitiveness. For these reasons, quoting should be as efficient as possible.

Salesperson wants a tool that makes bidding easy, quick and helps to produce the right kind of quotation content.


Klaro’s tips for the 2020 digital sales process:

  1. Automate Customer Needs Mapping – create a digital process that effectively collects information from the buyer
  2. Provide an easy way for the sales organization to find the different solution options provided by your company for the client need and make quoting easy on this basis.
  3. Build sales quoting process and model it in the CPQ tool.

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