Make your quoting easier with a digital tool

The sales digitalization is now heavily under discussion, and not just because of the current pandemic situation. The digitalization of sales proposal work is now one of the key areas in which companies now want to invest. Companies want to make quality quotes faster and easier.

So now is the time to upgrade your quoting tools and move into the 2020s in sales work!


With digital sales tools, you can make more quotes without compromising on the quality of your content. The offers give you a better understanding of what kind of investment the customer is willing to make and what are the most competitive solutions. Sales therefore wants a tool that makes quoting easy and fast with high quality.


Our sales solution will you make the quotation process smooth from the requirement assessment onwards. You will be able to implement smart tools which helps to identify customer requirements and select solutions based on that. By leveraging a smart quotation tool, you can make it easy for your sales to solve customer problems and ensure that your solutions are always competitive and just right for your customer needs.


Quotation tool will make your sales process smooth. Salesperson can easily manage the conversation flow with the customer. Salesperson can fluently make changes to the quote while maintaining the versions of the quote documents easily and reliably in the quoting tool.


Sales is always able to provide the customer updated quoting document in a way that the different versions can be easily traced. You do not anymore have to search through email or hard drives and remember what version the customer is referring to with their questions and comments. Between versions, it is even possible to utilize analytics that easily reveal changes between different versions. This makes it easy to track changes and allows for convenient bidding.


In the quotation tool, the sales team can also easily share information about the offers made and utilize them in new sales cases. Quote management application ensures that customer names, solutions and prices are always updated correctly. You do not have to anymore use CTRL + Find to look for incorrect company names in the quote template and not worry about whether the price information is correct in the offer.


The feedback we received from the users is very positive. According to the feedback from our customers, we are able to turn slow and difficult solution sales work to quick and easy. Our customers see that our applications are easy to adapt to their sales process. Our customers feel that the bid management application is a critical part of the company’s sales process and they would not be able to operate without our solutions.


With Klaro’s vast 15 years experience in developing the quoting process, sales need:


  1. Digital tool that covers sales processes from requirement assessment to contract negotiations.
  2. Seamless and integrated sales process built to be as automated as possible and easy to use.
  3. User-driven application built genuinely for the needs of the salesperson.


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