Why is KlaroCPQ an excellent tool for doing business internationally?

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Creating quotes for international trade is considerably more complicated than in the home market, especially when we’re talking about the sale of technical solutions. In addition to complex technology combinations and multiple components you must take account for a multitude of risks, remember country-specific differences and requirements and prepare for English not being enough in every country. KlaroCPQ offers unique features such as automatic quote translation, handling of purchase and sales currencies and supplier-specific pricing to help you overcome these challenges without hassle.

Automatic multilingual quotes

KlaroCPQ’s multilingual support is a very handy feature. Often businesses need to employ professional translators when a quote needs to be sent out in languages besides English. In KlaroCPQ English is the default language, and a built-in feature automatically translates the quote into the selected language. This way sales personnel can create quotes even if they don’t speak the language in question.

Automatic translation saves the seller’s costs and improves the buyer’s experience, as they will be able to present the quote to their own purchasing organization in their local language. However, the English quote will remain the primary document referred to in the course of doing business.

Protection against currency risks

KlaroCPQ offers handling of both purchase and selling currencies to provide insurance during the transaction. In technical solution sales quotes may sometimes be open for long periods, as investments ranging in the millions typically take from months to years to complete. Currency exchange rates may vary after a quote has been sent out, a particularly important point when it comes to components the vendor buys from suppliers outside of the country the overall solution is being sold to. This can create considerable currency risks.

“Currency handling is a crucial feature for doing business internationally. The system is able to eliminate currency risks for both buying and selling”, says Mikko Peltola, KlaroCPQ’s Head of Development.

Country-specific pricing

KlaroCPQ allows you to set pricing by supplier and to choose different suppliers for different deliveries. This is particularly important for businesses operating in a global environment where suppliers can vary according to the country the technology is being sold to. KlaroCPQ allows you to generate market-specific prices depending on the availability of suppliers for each region.

Better quality and accuracy

A large-scale technology solution may consist of hundreds, if not thousands of components and items, without accounting for services relating to freight, delivery, installation etc. KlaroCPQ automatically creates pricing for the configured solution and can also remind you if an essential service is left out. In addition to the quote itself, KlaroCPQ will also automatically generate all necessary appendixes, such as trade terms and technological specifications.

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