Leader, how to improve your team’s sales performance?

Increasing sales performance in 2020 is depended on high quality sales tools that enable your company transparent real time sales management system

The strength of digital sales tools lies in the fact that they support sales to produce the best deals for the company. Client proposals done with proper sales tools (CPQ’s) are tailored to the customer’s needs, while providing the company with the best possible sales price and margin. With KlaroCPQ, you can build a variety of alternative solutions that can provide you with the best solution for your customer while respecting your own financial goals.

With Klaro sales tools, sales can serve the customer with a true Win-Win solution!

Making sure that your deals are profitable

A company cannot build sustain non-profitable deals. It is sales organization’s responsibility to sell financially sustainable solutions. A good CPQ solution ensures that the salesperson is not only shown the sales pric but also the profitability of the quote. A Win-Win customer relationship creates the basis for long-term cooperation and a lot of additional sales opportunities for the sales person. It is easier to sell to an existing customer, which means better pay for the sales with less effort.

We can assure you that you make more money with Klaro digital sales solutions!

Sell globally with a managed sales process

Klaro CPQ solution provides price and cost information in the currencies used by the company. Whether you sell in euros, dollars, yuan or Chilean pesos, you always have real time price data. This eliminates the need for the salesperson to check his offer with a pocket calculator and significantly reduces currency risks. This is how to make currency risk management easy with the modern CPQ solution.

With Klaro you do not get surprises from your vast sales organization


New capabilities for sales management – summary of applications:

Sales meetings

The Sales Director is often dependent on reporting at internal sales meetings. Director is told what has been offered and to whom and at what price. Hovewer, this type of information can be openly accessed from an information system. CPQ contains valuable information on what has been offered, what has been won, at what price and on margins. Klaro sales applications bring valuable insights into sales management in a completely new way and give you a whole new perspective on sales.

Won-loss analysis

As a director you know exactly with what solutions you have won and with what you have lost, and this gives your business a whole new dimension in developing competitiveness. You run a modern digital sales tool with real data, not just an estimate of where your solutions are going with the competitiveness.


With the Klaro CPQ tool you can openly share information within the company. You know exactly what has been sold to other customers in a similar need. The salesperson doesn’t have to dig through his emails or call the organization as he seeks for old quotes. KlaroCPQ already has all the information you need.

Approval flows

Klaro sales solutions may include multiple levels of quoting rights. The CPQ tool provides rules for the quoting process and can be flexibly adjusted to suit the situation. For example, salesperson may have the right to quote on CPQ only according to a standard price list, or may be given the flexibility to make discounts. With KlaroCPQ, business quote can be reviewed anytime, anywhere.

Quoting processes

Klaro CPQ tool can be used to build a quote process for your company in accordance with your company’s approval practices. This is convenient, especially if your sales organization is international. Klaro sales portal tools also provides access to reseller channels and their quotes. Different entities can have their own customer spefici sales processes and document templates, these all are available from Klaro sales portal tools.


Main benefits for investing to managed sales process with CPQ:

Investing in a CPQ will:

  • put an end to the resource waste in sales·
  • bring new efficiency to quoting
  • create a managed sales process in your organization
  • get more visibility in reseller and partner networks·
  • high quality content on quotes.

Less time used per quote and high quality in quotes will quarantee your organization more wins!

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