Digital sales tools to automate sales process – how can sales configurator help companies?

Fintech, Healthtech, Salestech – Digitalization is progressing with full speed across multiple business areas.

At the top of the sales pipeline, there is now a wide range of services available: chatbots on websites, website visitor analytics and attractiveness applications, client database applications and automated customer acquisition solutions. There is a vast amount of information available about potential customers, how to get leads and get started with sales.

However, there are only few tools available for the post-lead bidding phase. Inadequite tools are currently available for the lead-to-quote process. The sales project should get ahead after contact. Quoting management is currently poorly automated in many companies. Determining the customer need and making the right quote is often a very laborious manual process. Time is spend from the salesperson for internal data gathering by phone or email. Sounds familiar to you? 

Areas where to improve sales processes with new digital tools – Klaro insights:

Finding right solution – defining customer need

KlaroCPQ digitalizes and automates the customer need determination process. Our quote management tools are able to find a solution fit to the customer’s needs with a winning pricing model. 

Automated information flow – lead your customer

Klaro sales solutions also control the quotation process, from the first budget bid to the final winning bid. The information in KlaroCPQ moves efficiently from needs identification to the actual contract. Lead your customer with information!

Managing you offering portfolio – selling right stuff

Do you know what your business really sells? Do you know where your solution and product prices are? What are your company sales margins? What is important, of course, is that the offer solutions are known precisely. With Klaro tools you can manage your sales portfolio real-time in whole organization 

Focus on customer experience – make your customer happy

Don’t forget that the customer experience is more likely to be the deciding factor! With Klaro’s digital tools, the sales process is under constant control and you know what you are going through with the customer. The contents of the offers are well documented and the different versions of the quote are available. The quote management tool – CPQ – gives the customer better quality offers and also the solution they bought. KlaroCPQ ensures a satisfied customer!

Transparency to all stakeholders – getting right info

With the help of the sales configurator, the salesperson knows exactly what has been sold to his customer and is also able to deliver this information digitally! The same offer document is also available to the customer, so there will be significantly less uncertainty in the future. The top quality of the offers will enhance the customer’s experience throughout the sales process.

Leading your sales team – utilise data contents

By digitizing offers with CPQ, sales management knows exactly what the company is offering, what deals are winning the deal and what needs to be delivered to the customer. You will know the sales price and margin for the on your quote.

Digitalizing your sales process will give you competitive edge that will make you stronger in sales competition!

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