Guide: Mass customization via more efficient quoting

Businesses in many fields – especially technical solution sales within the manufacturing industry – would love to dedicate more time to customer work, production and R&D, if it wasn’t for routine work taking up so much energy. When the product & service portfolio is broad and disorganized, creating quotes is laborious and time-consuming. Mass customization helps create standardized deliveries and improve efficiency, but it can be difficult to know where to get started.

KlaroCPQ is a great way to make your quoting process more automatic and efficient while providing a shortcut to mass customization. The software is easy to get started with and makes it easier to organize your offering. It reduces documentation needs, directs user choices and provides excellent tools for sales tracking. You can both gather data for mass customization and prepare quotes at the same time, using the same tool. Your entire quote team can use the same software anywhere and at any time.

This guide will tell you:

  • How to get started with mass customization
  • How to analyze your current quoting process
  • Why it is important to learn about customers’ expectations and purchase motives
  • What kind of benefits a tool like KlaroCPQ offers.

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