Sales part of company’s business architecture and operations management system

ERP, CRM, CPQ, PDM … a lot of abbreviations and terms, but what they standing for? This article opens up some of the most important business solutions and what these do for your in your business.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) CRM is a tool for sales & marketing. A modern CRM tool brings to marketing automatation functionalities and information capabilities that allow you to track various communications effectiveness marketing and what is the most attractive website content. Traditional b2b sales case management is done with CRM. CRM is the muscle that turns customer contacts into actual clients.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP system integrate production, logistics, production planning, purchasing and inventory management. It can include financial processes such as billing, partition and financial management, and payroll. ERP is to the heart operational management which makes the production spin.

PDM (Product Design Management) Product Information Manager contains information about products, all assemblies and parts & materials used. PDM contains a lot of information, followed by design, sales and production. The PDM collects and processes data, which is then transferred to other systems for operational use.

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) Sales Configurator CPQ operates in areas where the quotes are being prepared. CPQ simplifies complex product information so that the sales can easily present the product portfolio to clients. With CPQ, the seller can build the offer that best meets the client needs. CPQ can transmit data to production on what have been sold and what should be produced. CPQ is sales organizations brains and significant port to grow business in the market.


Why buy CPQ? From Excel / Word / Email to CPQ

Quotation processes are currently implemented in companies with a traditional excel application. In-house sales configurator and pricing tools are generally cumbersome to use. Many times they are dependent on one person’s expertise and contain critical functional deficiencies. My sales tools often contain errors that can lead to big business problems. Avoiding the direct cost of purchasing and maintaining CPQ applications will lead to inefficient business operations. Many companies are currently struggling with defective systems. At worst, quotes are provided as basic word documents, and at best, loose and heavy excel calculators are used.

At its best, CPQ provides a solution that brings together the information collected and created by the company’s salespeople into a single system for the benefit of the entire organization. CPQ combines the sales and production outlook with the market. The information is entered into the system only once and is utilized in the same way throughout the company. There is no longer a situation where it is uncertain what has been sold and what should be delivered.

CPQ can also help you build the best solution for your customer and create a winning quote for them. Switching from excel configurators to Klaro CPQ solutions is easy. Klaro’s consultants are able to adapt the calculation rules defined in excel agile way into KlaroCPQ application. We have even transferred separate printed product catalogs independently to our CPQ solution. That’s why Klaro has made the transition from old tools to 2020s sales systems very easy!

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