Smart guided quoting process increases sales

The systematization of sales processes and effective sales management is a hot topic at the moment, which is why sales are now investing significantly in digitalisation. Globally, the annual value of CRM application business is according to Gartner currently $ 50 billion, and is growing at least 20-25% annually.

There are many different CRM tools available for managing the overal sales processes and customer contacts, but there are few tools for the most laborious part of the processes, the quotation content management. Investing in solution sales processes and management brings significant resource savings to the company, and with the help of smart solutions, the sales is able to choose the best solutions for customers.

The company do not afford to lose any good leads. However, why do companies take significant risks at the deal closing stage and use poor manual solutions? Shouldn’t a company do everythin necessary to have a better chance of winning a deal?

Klaro CPQ solutions focus on the process between lead qualification and the contracting process, in practice the bidding or quoting management phase.

In practice, leveraging our applications increases the likelihood of winning a deal and saves company resources at the bidding stage.

Based on our studies, the current status of companies in quoting processes is often:

  • unsystematic, which means that customer needs are not always determined with sufficient accuracy and bidding is inefficient.
  • a manual excel and word process where the quotation data does not end up directly into any information system and thus cannot be utilized for further processing.
  • inefficient, leaving companies with too much spend time, resources and expertise to the quote.
Sales want a smart bidding tool

According to the feedback we received, the goal of the sales teams is to have a smart app to support quoting.

Intelligence in digital quoting tools can mean many things. In our view, the smart sales application includes at least the following features:

  • guidance throughout the bidding process
  • support to determine the exact need of the customer
  • help the seller find the right solutions to the customer’s need
  • opportunity to form an optimal pricing for the overall solution
  • recommendation for winning solutions based on historical data
  • ensuring that the quote contains all the necessary quoting material at a sufficiently precise level
  • automatic data transfer to other systems.

Intelligence makes it easier and, above all, faster to make an offer. At its best, the quoting efficiency has increased by up to 80%.

Benefits for having smart guided sales process 

Developing the sales process into a systematic one brings a lot of benefits to the user.

In Klaro’s view, sales benefit from intelligent quoting management processes in at least the following ways:

  • you are sure to get the right solutions for the customer
  • you get to sell at a better margin
  • you increase customer satisfaction with the right solution and a prompt quoting process
  • efficient and fast quoting that consumes less resources and results in you getting more quotes out

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