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Make quoting more agile with the right tools

Make quoting more agile with the right tools

KlaroCPQ is an open source based sales tool that makes quoting up to 80% more efficient through automatization.

Sales personnel no longer have to create quotes by hand or using Excel: they can print the quote and related technical specifications directly from the configurator tool, thanks to accurate presets built into the system. Time saved can then be used to focus on the most complex quotes.

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Adapt your quoting to changing business needs

When your business is in flux and you want to streamline your systems or make it easier to track the status of your quotes, KlaroCPQ is the right choice.

Link between systems

Mergers are one example of situations where a solution is needed to unite separate quoting processes. KlaroCPQ removes system investment headaches: it’s easy to implement as a completely new tool, but also works as a great interface between existing systems which need to be combined. KlaroCPQ can for example act as a user-friendly interface between ERP and CRM systems for sales personnel.

Transparency and tracking

KlaroCPQ can bring more predictability and easier tracking to your existing quoting and sales process. With KlaroCPQ you can react to clients’ requests for quotes faster than the competition: even complex offers take only a few hours to create.

Information about quotes sent out is saved in the system database where sales management can easily track the status of quotes in real time. All open quotes can be quickly viewed and filtered according to geographic distribution, for example.

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